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Our goal at OpenMic is to increase exposure and make earning a livable income more accessible for a larger number of performing artists. Millions of artists around the world dream of being heard, but the steep barrier of entry into the entertainment industry prohibits them from actualizing their ambitions. Overall, over 90.7 percent of artists can be considered undiscovered. Mega-sized and mainstream artists make up 1.1 percent of all artists yet have 87.3 percent of Facebook page likes. They also have 88.4 percent of artist Twitter followers, and 90.3 percent of all YouTube and Vevo views. Stop using platforms that don't work for you!

We believe that OpenMic has the ability to deliver content from aspiring artists in a way that will entertain viewers like never before possible. We supply artists with a platform which unbiasedly gives everyone the same amount of exposure, regardless of current fan base size, industry connections, or advertising budget. All you need is the ambition!

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